Wednesday, September 23, 2015

We are all about the WORD on RadioLand! Wednesday at 6pm, Sunday at 7pm - 89.9 fm

The word - the Beatles
Word Crimes - Weird Al
Everybody's talking- Big Daddy
As time goes by - Big Daddy
Talk the talk - Jerry Reed
Fee fie foo - Louie Prima
Sweet talking woman - ELO
Music's A Language - Mr. Ray
Who put the alphabet in alphabetical order? They might be giants
Lmno - They might be giants
Conjunction junction - Jack Sheldon
Too marvelous for words - Frank Sinatra
The vowel family - TMBG
Word up - Cameo
Surfin Bird - The Trashmen
Boing fwip, flipper, underdog, six million dollar man- The blanks
Words - Bee Gees

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