Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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We will rock you (fast version)
Keep yourself alive
Jailhouse Rock
Great King Rat
Crazy Little Thing called love - live in concert
Flash Gordon album and film interview
You're so square baby I don't care
Hello Mary Lou
Spread your wings
I'm in love with my car
Alright alright
Dragon Attack
My melancholy blues
A kind of magic
Under pressure

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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Indian love call - Nick Watterhouse
Fluerette Africain - Norah Jones
Lucky once - Nick
Long time gone - Norah and Billie Joe Armstrong
You want trouble - Nick
It's a wonderful time - Norah
Don't you forget it - Nick
Day Breaks - Norah
LA Turnaround- Nick
Carry on - Norah
I had some money - Nick
And then there was you - Norah
Raina - Nick
Turn me on - Norah
Times all gone - Nick