Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Music from Harry Potter on the next RadioLand - Wednesday at 6pm and Sunday at 7pm. 89.9 fm

Hedwigs theme
Hogwarts March
Lilly's theme
Harry in Winter
I am a wizard - Harry and the Potters
Something wicked this way comes
Diagon Alley - Harry and the Potters
Do the Hippogroff 
Magic Works
Bertie Botts - Harry and the Potters
Quidditch World Cup
Rita Skeeter
Weasley Wizard Wheezes
The blood of a prince - Harry and the Potters
Room of Requirements
Nearly Headless Nick
Weasley stomp
Slug Party
Slug Club

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Time moves fast! We've got a High School Blast from the Past on RadioLand tonight at 6pm and Sunday at 7pm. worldwide and 89.9fm in the NRV of Virginia. Check it out!

Fast Times - Billy Squire
We got the beat - Go-Go's
Somebody's baby- Jackson Browne
Ferris Bueller mega mix - various
The futures so bright- Timbuktu 3
Down under - Men at Work
Raised on radio - the Ravyns
Jump- Van Halen
Every little thing she does is magic- The Police
Should I stay or should I go - the Clash
Shake it up - the Cars
You may be right - Billy Joel
Waffle stomp - Joe Walsh
Our lips are sealed - Go-go's
Goodbye goodbye - Oingo Boingo

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

America rocks on RadioLand!

Calling America - ELO
American girl - Tom Petty
Living in America- James Brown
Twistin USA - Danny and the Juniors
American Dream - CSN&Y
Back in the USA - Chuck Berry
Greatest American Hero 
We're an American band - Grand Funk
Abe Lincoln in analysis- Stan Freberg
Born in the USA - Bruce Springsteen 
American baby - Dave Matthews 
Lump- Presidents of the USA
Rock in America - Night Ranger
Rock in the USA - John Mellemcamp
This land is your land - Neil young and crazy horse