Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We visit the future on the next edition of RadioLand. Wednesday 6 PM and Sunday 7 PM 89.9 FM

Look out here comes tomorrow 
Tomorrow is gonna be another day 
Star Trek
Adventures in Tomorrowland

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Late Night vibe on RadioLand this week. Some of the best music from the nightly talk shows. Wednesday at 6pm and Sunday at 7pm 89.9 fm

The tonight show theme - NBC Orchestra
Skyliner - NBC Orchestra
Late Night with David Letterman theme - Paul Shaffer
Get up - James Brown
Doing it to death and something about you - The worlds most dangerous band
I can't make you love me -  The worlds most dangerous band, David Sanborn and Aaron Neville
Time is tight, hip hugger, green onions-  The worlds most dangerous band
Dance to the music -  The worlds most dangerous band
Late night anthem - Tom Jones
Doing it to death
Late Show theme - CBS orchestra
Late night with Conan O'Brien - Max Weinberg 7
Roadrunner - Max Weinberg 7
Lovers lane - Squirrel nut zippers 
Conan theme - basic cable band

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We hit the road with a little traveling music on RadioLand this week. Wednesday at 6pm Sunday at 7pm - 89.9fm

Hit the road jack
You ain't seen nothing yet 
Car wash
Gotta get out of this place 
Slow ride
Drive my car
Two tickets to paradise 
Hot pants road
Road trip
Dr Who goes west
Back in time
Let the good times roll 
Free ride
Real Gone
Go speed racer go
What am I doing hanging round 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The audio Avengers on the next RadioLand! Wednesday at 6pm Sunday at 7pm 89.9fm

Age of Ultron main title
Avengers main title
Iron Man
Hulk buster 
Star Spangled Man
Captain America by Henry Jackman
Cherry Bomb
Trouble Man
Ain't no mountain high enough 
Can you dig it?
Go all the way
It's been a long time 
I want you back 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Up next on RadioLand- WDAV -all Dave, all day! Wednesday at 6p and Sunday at 7p 89.9fm

WKRP Theme
Rock around the clock 
Sunshine Superman
See Ya later Aligator
Bicycle Race
It's still rock and roll to me 
Twist and Shout
Along came Jones
Still the one
You're The one that I want 
Star Wars main title 
Oh Good Grief 
Knock three times 
Be true to your school
The Fonz Song
Come and get your love 
James Bond theme