Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Up next on RadioLand, we celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the theme park for your imagination! Late summer 1995 was the first edition of RadioLand and here at about 1000 episodes later, we look back at al, the fun we've had. Please join us Wednesday at 6pm and Sunday at 7pm, 89.9 fm

Can't turn you loose - Blues Brothers
Sgt. Pepper - Beatles
With a little help from my friends - Beatles
Good day sunshine - Beatles
Revolution - Beatles
Shake your tailfeather - Ray Charles
Land of 1000 dances - Wilson Pickett
Man like that - Gin Wigmore
Boss a nova baby - Elvis
Hooked on a  Feeling - Blue Swede
Should I stay or should I go - the Clash
The incredibles glory days
Carousel of progress remixed - sergeant Sawtooth
Grim grinning ghosts - Barenaked Ladies
Welcome to Disneyland
The peoplemover
Castle salute - Chris Calabrese
Zip adee  do dah
Dragnet- Ray Anthony
Mucha muchacha - Esquivel
Driving around the block
Cry me a river - Combustible Edison
Word Crimes - Weird Al
Clap your hands - They Might be giants
You're wearing out your welcome - Riders in the Sky
Orange Blossom Special - Riders in the sky
High hopes - Frank Sinatra

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