Wednesday, June 4, 2014

School's out for summer on the next RadioLand! Wednesday 6pm, Sunday 7pm 89.9 fm

Cadillac - the theme for RadioLand
Schools out! -Alice Cooper
Don't stop me now - Queen
Summertime blues - Brian Setzer
You ain't seen nothin yet - BTO
Rock n roll high school - Ramones
Me and Julio down by the schoolyard - Paul Simon
Under Pressure -David Bowie and Queen
Summertime mashup - Scarlet Johansson and Ray Charles
Blister in the sun - Violent Femmes
Be true to your school - Beach Boys
What a wonderful world - Sam Cooke
Times all gone - Nick Waterhouse
Roy G Biv - TMBG
The door into summer - the Monkees
School days - Chuck Berry
Hot for teacher - Van Halen
In the summertime - Mungo Jerry

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