Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Chica boom chic on the next RadioLand! Wednesday at 6p, Sunday at 7p 89.9fm

Chica Chica boom chic - Shamila Guha
Take the A train - Mr Ho's Orchestra
Soul boss's nova - Quincy Jones
Chicken shack boogie - Delandis
Mr. Sandman - Puppini Sisters
Bull fiddle boogie - Pee Wee King
Swingin on a star - the Three Suns
A tisket a tasket - Ella Fitzgerald
Mad que nada - sergio mendes and Brazil '66
Big noise from Winnetka - Bob Crosby
Frenesi - Mr Ho
Bossa nova hand dance - Connie Francis
Big Jay's Hop - Big Jay McNeely
Sweet Georgia Brown - Gene Krupa
House of bamboo - Earl Grant
Totem pole  - the Waitiki 7
Hollywood - Puppini Sisters
Why wait - Perez Prado
TiVo tico - Esquivel

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