Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Tikiyaki orchestra and the House of Bamboo on Radioland! A lounge spectacular! Wednesday at 6p 89.9fm

Mr Bachelor- Tikiyaki Orchestra 
House of Bamboo - Southern Culture on the skids
House of blue lights - Singing penguins
Tiki wonder hour - Combustible Edison
Lounge Talk - Jack Costanzo
Tango Tahiti - Tikiyaki Orchestra 
Incense and peppermints- Martin Denny
Calcutta - Les Baxter
So nice - Martin Denny
Tabu for two - Tikiyaki orchestra 
Movin at midnight - Sir Julian
Summer in the city - Buddy Morrow
Rock house - Ernie Freeman Combo
Tired of waiting- Stu Phillips 
Everlong - Richard Cheese
In the Tiki Room
Green tambourine- Sir Julian

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