Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Electric dreams up next on RadioLand. Wednesday at 6 PM and Sunday at 7 PM 89.9 FM

ITwilight - Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Dreams - Tomorrowland Soundtrack
Boulevard of broken dreams - Mr. Ho's Orchestra
A dream is a wish your heart makes -Ilene Woods
Dream - Happy little robots
10538 Overature - ELO
Tico Tico - Esquivel
Street of dreams - Esquivel
American Dream - CSN & Y
Sleep - They might be giants
You can't walk in your sleep - Go Gos
Goodnight my friend - They might be giants
Lost my mind - They might be giants
You set my dreams to music - Dusty Springfield
Trust in me - Scarlett Johansson
Your wildest dreams - Moody Blues
I dream of Jeannie

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