Sunday, January 3, 2016

The first RadioLand of 2016 is on the air now! Time keeps movin' on... 89.9fm

Too much time on my hands - Styx
The night time is the right time - Ray Charles
Time has come today - Chambers Brothers
Time Passages
Turn turn turn - The Byrds
Time is on my side - The Rolling Stones
It's the time of your life - Randy Newman
Hot time in the old town tonight 
It was a very good year - Frank Sinatra
The longest time - Billy Joel
Back in time - Huey Lewis and the News
Time of your life - Green Day
There'll be no next time - Louis Prima and Sam Butera
Does anybody really know what time it is - Chicago
Tick tock tick 
As time goes by - Dooley Wilson
Closing time - Semisonic

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