Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Late Night vibe on RadioLand this week. Some of the best music from the nightly talk shows. Wednesday at 6pm and Sunday at 7pm 89.9 fm

The tonight show theme - NBC Orchestra
Skyliner - NBC Orchestra
Late Night with David Letterman theme - Paul Shaffer
Get up - James Brown
Doing it to death and something about you - The worlds most dangerous band
I can't make you love me -  The worlds most dangerous band, David Sanborn and Aaron Neville
Time is tight, hip hugger, green onions-  The worlds most dangerous band
Dance to the music -  The worlds most dangerous band
Late night anthem - Tom Jones
Doing it to death
Late Show theme - CBS orchestra
Late night with Conan O'Brien - Max Weinberg 7
Roadrunner - Max Weinberg 7
Lovers lane - Squirrel nut zippers 
Conan theme - basic cable band

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