Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Run run run run runaway baby with our Rock n Roll, runaway road trip on the next RadioLand! Wednesday at 6pm, Sunday at 7pm, 89.9fm

Open: Marvel Fanfare, Cadillac by Niño Rota

Runaway baby - Bruno Mars
Free Ride - Edgar Winter Group
Hooked on a feelin - Blue Swede
Movin right along - Alkaline Trio
Should I stay or should I go - the Clash
Long distance runaround - Yes
Magic carpet ride - bedlam 
Run for your life - Beatles
Grazin in the grass - friends of distinction
I'm moving on -Roseanne Cash
Don't stop me now - Queen
Out of limits - the hurricanes
Mr. Spaceman - Shatner
Travelin prayer - Billy Joel
Speed and velocity - They might be giants
Some place - Nick Waterhouse
Hey ho - Gin Wigmore
Here it goes again - ok go
Runaway - Del Shannon

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